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“You can’t be this creative and not be in the [food] industry…” Chef Gordon Ramsay, 12 Michelin Stars.

“I wish I had two mouths to eat [your food]…” Chef Graham Elliot, youngest four star Chef in America.

“Restaurant quality…” Joe Bastianich, Renowned restaraunteur.

I am a contestant on MasterChef Season 2, and┬áreceived┬áthree big “Yes” votes from the judges!

I am OFFICIALLY in the Top 18 of MasterChef USA! Tune in Mondays and Tuesdays on FOX to watch me compete for the title of MASTERCHEF!

Hi Everyone,
So you wanna get to know me! Cool. My name is Alvin… I grew up hearing people scream my name, “Alllllllvinnnnnn!!” Like a certain popular cartoon. It amuses me greatly when people think they are the first one to do that:)

I was born in San Diego, moved to Brooklyn at age three, then to Portland, Oregon at age six. Dad was in the military… Mom cooked great food growing up and I spent my fourth grade summer watching Julia Child’s “How to Cook” series on VHS which I checked out from the local library. I lived in Portland until age 23 when I moved to Houston.

I love to cook (if you couldn’t tell from the blog). It’s a true passion of mine, one that has transcended decades and other phases I’ve gotten into. The food that I tend to cook is hard to classify… I take from the Asian flavors that I grew up with, the tastes of my travels, and sometimes things that simply amuse me.

My most recent obsession has been exploring modern cooking techniques. I’m drawn to the precision they require and the new and unique results they can bring. It’s like re-discovering food all over again. AMAZING!

I’m a self taught cook. I like to say that I have a degree from the Culinary Institute of Google, and more recently books bought on Amazon.

Enough about food… I also love music and the outdoors. Recently this blog has become a bit of a habit for me… I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read.

If you really like what you see and would like to taste it, I’m available for cooking demonstrations, catering small parties, private/group lessons, and private chef services. For restaurants, I also offer menu services including design, conceptualization, and recipe creation. I’m also happy to review and evaluate products. So pretty much if you can think of it, and it involves food I’ll do it! (at least once). Please feel free to contact me with questions or for bookings.

Thanks for reading!

Alvin Schultz

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  1. Tracy Kontos says:

    allllvvviiinnn! i love your blog!!! this about you page is endearing and makes me miss you!!!!! love it!

  2. Awwwww, thanks Tracy! Call me this weekend, we need to catch up:)

  3. Alvin you’ve done a wonderful job! The website is awesome! Your images are great! Hopefully someday we’ll meet up again!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Lupe!

  5. Debbie (Koon) Ofstad says:

    Wow, I’m “almost” related to a famous person – I hear your mom is marrying my cousin! I can’t wait to see the show. However it turns out, congratulations for making it this far!!!! We’ll definitely be tuned in here in Montana. So fun!

  6. tracy kontos says:

    alvin!!!! i feel like i am reliving all of our best times through your blog!!! these pictures….thank goodness you have these pictures! memories!!!!! oxox tracy

  7. Lloyd Jackson says:

    Hi Alvin, great work on Masterchef. Have you previously done a commercial for Optimum Cablevision? When I hear you speak, that line “dark matter” always comes to mind.

  8. Joan Kim says:

    When if first saw you, i was like, “yep next masterchef right there. cross that next WORLD chef” and when i saw you in the bottom three i was like wtfh! nooo! and then you got eliminated and i threw a pillow at the tv. but then i realized, you can become something better then a masterchef. Will always support you no matter what you do ^^

  9. Thanks! No, I haven’t done any commercials… Yet!

  10. Kyle C says:

    Hi Alvin,

    I just wanted to commend you on your work while on Masterchef. I always enjoy watching people passionately cook meals as I eat my ramen noodles in front of my PC. Cooking has always been something that Ive wanted to do, but it just seems to require a flair for artistic creativity that I’m not sure I have. When I saw the way you prepaired your dishes, I have to say, you’re really the first chef that I’ve ever found inspirational. Your scientific approach completely changed my conceptualizations on how I thought food was supposed to be cooked. The idea to powderize olive oil?! Genius! Sure, it may not have come off as well as hoped, but I really was rooting for you!

    I have heard of modernist cuisine before, even read briefly about it, but Ive never seen anyone try it; and I was definately impressed. There’s no perfect meal out there (I know some people who dont even like plain water!) The judges may not have liked what you did, but it took guts and some serious skill to do it.

    I believe that you have a great talent; keep it up for us ‘sciencey’ people!

    p.s. I’d rather watch you make a disgusting dishs with science, than watch Max and Suzy drama…as if television didnt have enough drama already.

  11. Kyle,
    Thanks so much for watching MasterChef and especially this comment. Cooking is something that EVERYONE should do… if you like the science-y approach I’d suggest reading Ideasinfood.com, seattlefoodgeek.com, cookingissues.com com and search youtube for “Harvard Cooking and Science”.

    Oh yeah, you can check back here too!

  12. Fern V. Jacobs says:

    I would like to have you do a small dinner party (approx. 25) on September 22 if you are available. Look forward to hearing from you.

  13. Spencer says:

    So…how about opening a restaurant back in San Diego? We need some good food over here.

  14. Dawn says:

    I auditioned for MasterChef and am waiting to hear back. Can you tell me how long you had to wait after your on camera interview to hear from the producers that they wanted you to move forward? Food passionate…..


  15. Shoot me an email alvin (at) eatdrinkexperience (dot) com

  16. Marjorie Smith says:

    Please contact me to discuss a private event at my home.

  17. Grace says:

    Hi Alvin, Glad to see how well you are doing! Keep up the good work! The Pipito’s

  18. Michelle Wong says:

    Hi. I am thinking about doing a dinner party. How much do you charge? Are you free Sep 22?

  19. Don Edwards says:

    Just read about your sous vide calculator app.
    Can it run on a PC or only Ipad?
    Don’t have a data connection on my mobile phone (also its android not apple).

    Regards, Don.

  20. Hi Don,
    The app is sold and maintained by PolyScience, I believe an android version is available or in the works.

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