Culinary Services.

Do you like the food you see here on the blog? Want to EXPERIENCE it for yourself? Well, I’d love to give you a world class unique dining experience in the comfort of your home!

Now, you can take me home with you to cook for your family, or teach a private culinary lesson for your friends.

I will prepare and present innovative, restaurant quality cuisine in your home while you relax and enjoy. From prep to plating to clean up I take care of everything and you just eat, drink, and EXPERIENCE!

Looking to hone your skills in the kitchen? Look no further, whether its two people or twenty, I will teach a class focused on technique to make your cooking better. From basic knife skills to cutting edge modern techniques I’ll break everything down in layman’s terms and leave you with the knowledge of how to prepare incredible food on your own.

Host a party for friends and family while I either prepare a stunning meal for your guests or show them all the tips and tricks of the kitchen. Either way it will be an EXPERIENCE you and your guests will enjoy!

I am also available to consult on menu design, evaluate products, and any other culinary task you may have.

Please see my contact page to book any or all of my services.
I look forward to hearing from you!

~Alvin Schultz
Owner, Eat.Drink.EXPERIENCE

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  1. Susan McCabe says:

    Hey Alvin, My husband and I were routing for you on Master Chef. I am disappointed you didnt make the finale and that the show is over because it was the only TV program my husband and i both liked and could watch together. We are members of a 6 couple dinner group. sometimes past member show up too so our numbers frequently swell. We are all just home cooks and no one is an expert but we all love to cook and especially to eat. We rotate responsibility for the appetizer, entree, salad, desert, etc. and we try to all outdo the others. I thought it would be fun to have a professional do the cooking at our next get together on October 22. Not sure we can afford you now that you have hit the big time or if you would consider traveling to Sugar Land. We are a fun group and open to suggestions…even a cooking lesson would be fun. Let me know what you think! We would love to meet you. Sincerely, Susan McCabe.

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