Grapes Vs. Grains

Fancy a drink with dinner? When you sit down to a great meal do you reach for a cork-screw or a bar blade? Whatever your default answer is, The Tasting Room and The Ladies of Craft Beer are looking to broaden your horizons.

On Monday, November 7th Tasting room Chef Steve Marques will challenge Sommlier Gary Lapuyade and Cicerone Will Sandifer to pair drinks for a five course fall menu. I had the opportunity to preview the Grapes Vs. Grains menu and pairings last Sunday and the clear winner will be the guests attending.

IMG_3927Nobody will be a Red Berry and Fresh Hibiscus Fool while enjoying how the perfect pilsner or perfect port elevates and accents the flavors of each course.

Guests will receive both a beer and wine pairing with each course and be asked to vote on their favorite drink. At the end of the night, the votes will be tallied and a winner declared.

There’s a lot to think about when tasting and voting… It’s not as simple as deciding if you prefer Blanche De Bruzelles or Gomba Borolo Fiero (DGOC). You have to consider which works best with each component of the deconstructed cesar, then which works best when the salad is reconstructed; two very different experiences.

IMG_3919Will the Independance Brewing Company Bootlegger Brown Ale taste as good at the end of the course as it did at the beginning? Or will the Domaine Giraud Chateauneuf du Pape Les Gallimardes Blanc win in the long run of the Dirty Rice Risotto Stuffed Princess Pumpkin?

That which tastes best at first sip may not be as pleasing over the length of an entire course… decisions, decisions… vote wisely!

To decide what pairs best with everything from Pickled Oysters to Chicken Galentine (delicious by the way) you can book tickets here.

The five course chef’s menu with both beer and wine pairings for each course is just $65/person + tax.

Come meet the team at The Tasting Room as well as the Ladies of Craft Beer Monday 7 November at 6:45pm and be ready for your taste buds to be tantalized and your appetite to be whetted with wonderful wines and awesome ales.


The Tasting Room will also have special pricings for all featured pairings so you can have a rematch of the pairings at home if your favorite dosen’t win the battle royale!

So which drinks did I prefer? Hit me up on Twitter (@AlvinSchultz) and I’ll let you know… on November 8th! I wouldn’t want to influence your palate;)

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