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Over the past few months I’ve had some unbelievable experiences, but the ones that top them all are when I get the reward of doing what I love. It’s unreal to think that cooking my food brings pleasure to people and they’re willing to invite me into their homes to celebrate their occasion.







Last weekend Eat Drink EXPERIENCE catered it’s second party– the first was fun but a whirlwind; we didn’t take a single picture. I’m happy to say we’re getting better every time, this time we took loads of pictures and also had the assistance of photographer extrordinaire, Paige McCabe. Here are some of the highlights and menu examples:


Amuse Bouche: Banh Mi Crostini. Pate, Glazed Pork Belly, Mint, Culantro, Pickled Carrot & Diakon, Jalepeno, Soy Glaze.


Appetizer: Ceviche. Grouper & Flounder, Avocado, Radish, Red Onion, Carbonated Mango, Serrano, Leche De Tigre.







Entree: Loco Moco. Wonton shell, Sushi Rice, Coffee Braised Short Rib, 63.2 Degree Egg, Green Onion Sauce, Home Made Siracha.











Pre-Desert: PB&J. Hollow Cracker (home made) filled with Raspberry Jelly Foam, Peanut Butter Powder.







Dessert: Deconstructed Carrot Pumpkin Cake & Chai Tea Dippin Dots. Warm Microwave Carrot Pumpkin Spice Cake, Pepitas Glass, Pecan Crumble, Chai Tea Nitrogen “dippin dots”, Candied Cranberries.


Optional: Liquid Nitrogen Demonstration.

Happy Clients, Susan and Tom McCabe:



Menus are custom designed to your palate and occasion. Here is a typical menu:


I have a few openings for catered dinner parties in November and December so book yours soon!

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  1. Gregory Wright

    DIppin’ Dots…I’m guessing actually GOOD TASTING ones. Pretty freakin nifty.

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