#MasterChef Memoirs pt.4: You’ll blow them, & what a MasterChef eats in a hotel room with no microwave.

Today’s MasterChef Update… just two days away from the Season Premier of MasterChef on FOX (Monday, June 6 @ 8pm/7Central)… here’s another look into Room 217 of the Raddison!

“You will blow them” 2.5.11: After yesterday’s meeting, I send Sandee from culinary an email asking about the number of outlets on each station. My *signature dish* is electricity intensive and I am concerned with blowing a breaker. She sends me this reply,

“I had a long talk with electrical today about this. Each station has two outlets and you will blow them. We are working on running additional power for you”


By now, rumors are starting to make the rounds about the other contestants… some of the most entertaining are about what everyone is cooking in their rooms. Tudi is making pizzas with tortillas- sounds normal enough, but she’s using the hotel iron to cook them! There are a couple guys who reportedly are making pork chops using the iron! Lou and Bob have made chocolate truffles using the hotel coffee pot! This is what happens when you lock a bunch of passionate home cooks in a hotel room- they start to get creative!

Speaking of hotel rooms, here’s what our view was when we poked our heads out one night:


Apparently, there is a law in Culver City prohibiting microwaves in hotel rooms… so a lot of what we eat are sandwiches like this:


But eventually Ben and I have had enough picnic food… We bust out my stash… here is a shot of the equipment I brought with me:


Inventory: Alginate, Calcium Chloride, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Glassware, iSi canister, pressure cooker, Polyscience Smoking Gun, Food Saver, (2) DIY immersion circulator, (2) scales, wood chips, squeeze bottle, citric acid, agar agar, lecithin, Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Ultra Tex 8… always be prepared!

BTW- I’m not sure how this Vodka got sprayed on the ceiling…


Maybe I was using my iSi whipper to pressure infuse fresno chili into Tito’s Vodka to practice the signature Red Bull Hawaiian Margarita I served to Gordon Ramsay… Maybe. That drink was the brainchild of being locked in a hotel room… and maybe Ben Starr and I did lots of “research and development”… maybe.

**Recipe** Hawiian Red Bull Margarita!

.5L Tito’s Vodka

2 Fresno Chilis, One seeded, One w/ Seeds… both sliced

1 N20 Cartridge

Pressure Infuse Vodka for 90 Sec. Vent Gas.

Muddle 1/4 Cup Fresh Pinapple Chunks with 1 tblspn Coconut Cane Sugar.

Shake Vodka with muddled pineapple and Ice.

Rimming compound:

2 parts coconut palm sugar
1 part Red Hawian sea salt
1/4 part citric acid

Rim Glasses, will with Ice Pour 3/4 full with vodka mix, top with red bull.

Check back tomorrow for a new Blog Post… The Premier of MASTERCHEF is coming up! Tune in June 6th at 8pm/7Central to see if all my hotel experimentation pays off with an Apron from the judges!

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  1. Kristen

    Your MC blog is amazing. Thanks for sharing!
    PS: Tito’s is the best 🙂
    NL, Canada

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