New pasta shape?


I don’t know what this shape of pasta is.

It’s a semolina/egg dough, shaped by rolling a thin rope of dough, cut into small pieces then placed between the left palm and right thumb.


Then the right thumb presses and rolls the shape which then is flicked off of the left palm.


The shape is remnicent of fritos- which may be a future pairing. I will also work on getting the thickness of the pasta down as they were a little thick.

Today’s pairing was spicy Italian sausage, kale, garlic, and Parmesan.


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  1. Hello Alvin! I love your site and blog, and I really appreciate your MasterChef Memoirs – they’re really good for anyone who wants to know about how it (really) went down or wants to try out for the show 🙂 ! Your personality is amazing, and the stuff you did with molecular gastronomy on MasterChef blew me away 😀

    Anyways, your cool-looking pasta shapes kinda remind me of orecchiette pasta – you know, the ear-shaped ones? Are they kinda like them, or are they a bit different?

  2. Thanks for reading!

    I’ve since learned that my “new” pasta shape is closest to cavatelli… Very similar to orchette but orchette usually turns on itself with one lip in either direction.

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