Sous Vide Showdown: PolyScience Vs. Sous Vide Supreme Vs. DIY Vs. Beer Cooler & Vacuum options too!

08.20.2011 Sous Vide Showdown: PolyScience Vs. Sous Vide Supreme Vs. DIY Vs. Beer Cooler & Vacuum options too!
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clip_image001So, you want to cook “Sous Vide”… GREAT! I can’t think of an easier way to increase the quality of you cooking by a factor of 10. Actually, hold up- if you can’t use an oven or frying pan without the smoke detector going off or the fire department showing up you may want to work on some classic techniques first. However, if you’re comfortable in a kitchen, and are ready to pursue new flavors and textures in your favorite foods… proceed.

#MasterChef Recap- The Grand Finale!

08.17.2011 #MasterChef Recap- The Grand Finale!
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WOW! What a way to end a terrific season of MasterChef… From three contestants down to a winner in just under two hours. This won’t be so much of a recap (you can watch the entire finale at as it will be a reflection of this course of events that will undoubtedly change my life…

#MasterChef Memoirs Pt. 12: Cast Back On Set

08.16.2011 #MasterChef Memoirs Pt. 12: Cast Back On Set
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“Cast back on set” 3.22.11: We meet for lunch at 11:30. We pile into a couple of familiar white vans and head to a California Pizza Kitchen. We start walking to the door, when the PA’s call us back to the van- we’ve gone to the wrong restaurant. We get back in the vans and drive another 10 minutes to a CPK that was closer to the hotel… WTF?! We sit and order… no Hollywood lunch is complete without libations so we all order drinks. After a few minutes, one of the PA’s comes and says we’re limited to one drink each (even though we’re paying for them ourselves). This dosen’t sit well with the group. While we all LOVE all of the PA’s, people are no longer on their best behavior- the fear of being kicked off the show is no longer… we all have between two and five drinks with lunch;) This is going to make for better TV right?

#MasterChef Memoirs Pt.11: Back to Reality

08.16.2011 #MasterChef Memoirs Pt.11: Back to Reality
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“Back to Reality” 3.21.11: It’s great to see everyone again. We’ve heard through the grapevine who’s in and who’s out of the competition. When I walk into the hotel lobby — a different hotel that we had previously stayed at… I’m immediately greeted by a table of friends. They’re eating lunch and I’m starved, but seeing them is awesome. I sit and order a crappy pizza that takes forever to come… no worries though, we’ve got lots of catching up to do.

#MasterChef Recap: The Elimination of Tracy and Ben

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On Monday, the top 6 competed in a MasterChef team challenge. They chose teams and took over the Michelin Star restraunt Patina in Los Angeles. Both teams did remarkably well but in the end, Christian’s experience helped his red team triumph over the blue team.

Team captain Tracy, Adrien, and Jennifer faced a pressure test of massive proportions. The three were given a HUGE King salmon to filet, portion, and cook. At the beginning of the challenge, Chef Ramsay effortlessly broke down the giant fish in a demonstration for Tracy, Adrien, and Jennifer. His skill with a knife and fish gave Suzy Singh an orgasm in the galley. All three chef-testants seemed to struggle with the daunting task, but in the end it was the bit of tail left of Tracy’s fish that sent her home.

Alton Brown Lecture in Dallas 7.24.11

08.09.2011 Alton Brown Lecture in Dallas 7.24.11
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AB CoverA few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given by one of my food network heros: Alton Brown. I was invited by my friends at PolyScience to the American Culinary Federation Convention in Dallas.

After a late night of mini golf, smoked rum and coke, and fun with former MasterChef roommate Ben Starr (I stayed at his house) I hit the sack and woke up early to prepare for the conference. On my way to the Gaylord Texan I had a delisious “upstream Benedict” (with smoked salmon instead of canadian bacon) at a local bakery on Main Street in Grapevine.

I arrive at the Gaylord Texan convention center and meet with Chef Joe at the PolyScience booth. He, Konrad (also with PolyScience) and I head into the room where Mr. Brown’s lecture is and find a seat in a room filled with white chef’s coats.

My EPIC meal at Modernist Cuisine

08.07.2011 My EPIC meal at Modernist Cuisine
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On Thursday 4 August 2011 my dinner was more modern than yours was… I attended a dinner hosted by Dr. Nathan Myrvold at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory.


I arrived (early– for fear of being late) at a very plain looking unmarked building in Bellevue, Washington. After signing in, I was escorted to a conference room with a copy of “The Book” sitting on the edge of the table. I sat and eagerly began thumbing through the pages (my first time holding a hard copy of Modernist Cuisine). After a few minutes, others started to arrive, I kept looking through the exquisitely produced volumes. A few minutes later, Dr. Myrvold walks in and introduces himself to the group… “I’m Nathan” he says. We go around the large conference table introducing ourselves. “Nathan” says, “In true geek fashion, we’re going to start dinner with a PowerPoint…”