Beer Can Chicken

05.01.2011 Beer Can Chicken
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I love beer can chicken… It’s unorthodox grilling technique results in some of the most moist meat I’ve ever had. Also, I love that we get to combine steaming with grilling… two cooking methods that are almost contradictory by nature.

Here’s a simple recipe that will make you the star of any summer cookout.

Kata Robata

04.30.2011 Kata Robata
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Kata Robata. If you want to know more about Kata Robata, feel free to check out their website… But I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience at this culinary gem.

I found out about Kata Robata at the YTAC “Kiss My Grits” competition a few weeks ago. I thought the Chef’s kimchee grits were interesting (in a good way) and made a mental note to try out their restaurant which I had driven by countless times.

A week later, while traveling for business I read through the YTAC program and landed on the Bio pages of Chef Manabu Horiuchi and Chef Seth Siegel-Gardner… Let me hit you with the highlights:

Easter Eggs

04.25.2011 Easter Eggs
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I’m guessing, unless you were in Roses, Spain that you didn’t find any Easter Eggs like this in your yard today. Before we go any further, I have to give FULL credit for this idea to my friend Yi Lynne Weber. She conceptualized the entire dish, I merely executed.

Remember when “Easter Egg” referred to hidden extras on a DVD? That’s like what this dish is… for memicking, surprises, fun!

MasterChef Season 2 Premieres June 6

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Commercials have started to air!

Pho… Salad

04.23.2011 Pho... Salad
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I like Pho. I grew up on the national dish of Vietnam. If you’ve never had it, I feel sorry for you. It’s got a light but flavorful beef broth flavored with five spice, lemongrass, ginger, and garlic. When you order it you get a side plate of lime wedges, thai basil, cilantro, jalepeno, and bean sprouts. If you’re at a proper Pho selling establishment, you’ll quickly receive a big bowl filled with broth and rice noodles topped with raw thinly sliced beef. The heat from the broth cooks the raw beef perfectly. I always order Pho with the beef raw and on the side to ensure that the kitchen dosen’t pre-blanch the meat for the american pallete. If your Pho shop won’t serve you this way, find another pho shop. and eatdrinkexperience Paint the Town Red [Bull]

04.22.2011 and eatdrinkexperience Paint the Town Red [Bull]
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Last night I had the pleasure of attending theĀ Young Texans Against Cancer “Kiss My Grits” cook off. I have to thanks my new friend Mr. Jay Ducote fromĀ for showing me some AMAZING hospitality in my own city. Kiss My Grits was hosted by Winter Street Studios in Houston and featured eleven local chefs and their innovative approach to Grits. Mr. Ducote came in from Baton Rouge, LA to be a judge for the event and invited me as his “+1″ even though I forewarned him that I was not putting out.


04.20.2011 #FAIL...
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Tonight I made something that failed… Actually, I didn’t just make one thing that failed, I made three things that failed. Mozzarella meringue: didn’t taste like mozzarella. Tomato Espuma: Too loose, didn’t stand up (literally). Bone Marrow Ravioli: WAY too rich- even for me!