How to "Chicharrón" anything… well, almost anything.

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Who dosen’t like the savory crispiness of a Chicharrón? That is, a pork rind… at their best, they are perfectly crisp, lightly salty, maybe a touch spicy. However, prepare yourself for what I’m about to say… what if they didn’t have to be pork flavored?


Living the dream…

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Over the past few months I’ve had some unbelievable experiences, but the ones that top them all are when I get the reward of doing what I love. It’s unreal to think that cooking my food brings pleasure to people and they’re willing to invite me into their homes to celebrate their occasion.






Grapes Vs. Grains

11.02.2011 Grapes Vs. Grains
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Fancy a drink with dinner? When you sit down to a great meal do you reach for a cork-screw or a bar blade? Whatever your default answer is, The Tasting Room and The Ladies of Craft Beer are looking to broaden your horizons.

On Monday, November 7th Tasting room Chef Steve Marques will challenge Sommlier Gary Lapuyade and Cicerone Will Sandifer to pair drinks for a five course fall menu. I had the opportunity to preview the Grapes Vs. Grains menu and pairings last Sunday and the clear winner will be the guests attending.

Star Chefs International Chef’s Congress 2011

10.08.2011 Star Chefs International Chef’s Congress 2011
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So this is going to be an EPIC post… last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 6th annual Star Chefs International Chef’s Congress. The good folks at PolyScience invited me and I jumped on the opportunity to visit the Big Apple and learn from some of the best chefs in the world.

Dinner at WD~50

10.08.2011 Dinner at WD~50
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Dinner at WD~50

Last Saturday, I hopped on a plane to NYC… three hours later I was in a cab headed towards Brooklyn to drop my luggage off at a friend (and fellow MasterChef Contestant)’s house. We quickly got aquainted… no caught up, that’s one of the unique things about my MasterChef family; despite the fact that we had virtually no interaction on set (she was eliminated in the apron round) she still opened her home to me and was a more than gracious host.

An hour after dropping my stuff of, I was on a subway train to go meet Max Kramer, Jennifer Behm, and a few other MasterChef contestants for dinner. Wanna know what we ate? Here goes… (I apologize for the dark photos, it was quite dark in the dining room)

When you see a good idea… STEAL IT! Brennan’s Style Crab Cakes with Red Curry

10.01.2011 When you see a good idea… STEAL IT! Brennan’s Style Crab Cakes with Red Curry
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I’m all about creativity… It’s one of the most enjoyable things about being in a kitchen. But once in a while you come across a REALLY good idea. That is when I suggest throwing “creativity” aside and introducing the concept of theft… steal the idea.

Post #MasterChef Update…

08.30.2011 Post #MasterChef Update…
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I thought that I’d fill you guys in (a bit) on life after reality TV. Contrary to popular belief, once you’ve appeared on national prime time television, the offers do not come rolling in (unless A- you win, B- you’re Ben Starr and America falls in LOVE with you #IveBenStarrStruck).


For the rest of the cast, we have all been working tirelessly to maximize our fifteen minutes and make life changes that point us in a direction somewhere in the vast culinary world. I’ve had a couple projects that you’ll see the fruits of soon… videos for a few companies that make some GREAT products.


Apart from receiving a few lovely gifts (Thank you PolyScience, Fagor, and Jacob & Co) I’ve been a bit confused on the culinary path I want to take… I’ve opened a private chef/catering company. Building a small business from the ground up is an exciting challenge. I’m often asked, “when are you going to open a restaurant”… The truth is, I do not know ANYTHING about running a restaurant and/or professional kitchen. But that dosen’t mean I can’t learn… As part of my culinary wandering, I’m pursuing this knowledge in a few ways- books, talking with chefs, and most excitingly, Staging (kitchen apprenticeship, pronounced “St-Ah-je”)