MasterChef Viewing Party!

05.26.2011 MasterChef Viewing Party!
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Click for details on the OFFICIAL Houston viewing party!

The “Rotato”…

05.14.2011 The “Rotato”…
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Just wanted to share this new gadget I found… check out the unboxing:


Left Over Egg Whites

05.13.2011 Left Over Egg Whites
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Ever made a hollandaise? Or the perfect scrambled eggs? (Modernist Cuisine suggests two whole eggs and one egg yolk) Then you’ve been left with extra egg whites… I found myself in this very predicament this week. For some reason I had a container FULL of egg whites in my fridge.

Surf & Turf–Salad.

05.09.2011 Surf & Turf–Salad.
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In my normal trip to the grocery store today, I was pleased to see “Sea Beans”. I discovered these salty seaweed snacks a few months ago and have been enjoying them regularly since. I can’t always find them, so I almost always buy them when they’re available.

Today, I decided to pair them with mushrooms for a “Surf & Turf” salad.

Surf & Turf–Entrée.

05.09.2011 Surf & Turf–Entrée.
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Continuing the surf and turf theme: Veal and Shrimp. Both were on sale at the store… want eat better? Buy what’s on sale… it’s usually in season, delicious, and inexpensive to boot!

Surf & Turf-Dessert.

05.09.2011 Surf & Turf-Dessert.
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Yeah, I said it… Surf & Turf-Dessert. No, I didn’t make Salmon Ice Cream a la Iron Chef America, but this one was hard! Again, I started with a sale item: strawberries. They looked very ripe and were a safe starting point for dessert, the tough part was the “Surf” component.


05.08.2011 Welcome!
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Welcome to the ALL NEW! I’ve moved from my little old wordpress blog to a real, self hosted website! I promise this will be the last URL change:) It’s been a CRAZY week for me, let me get you caught up on what’s been going on.