Pork Jowel en Mole Negro

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This is one of the best dishes I’ve made recently-



I had some pork jowel in the freezer that I picked up for $1.25/lb at a local latino grocery store, I also had my last batch of Mole Negro (this sauce is a lot of work but freezes BEAUTIFULLY!)

I cured the pork in 50/50 mixture of Mexican sea salt and sugar… simple- mix salt and sugar (about 1/2 Cup Each) cover the pork thoroughly and refrigerate 12 hours. Rinse the excess cure off the pork and throw into a ziplock bag with a few tablespoons of Mole Negro. Cook in a [PolyScience] circulator 62C for about 12 hours.


Take the pork out of the bag and reserve the sauce (keep warm by putting back into the circulator). Place the pork, skin side up in a pyrex and add water to just below the level of the skin. Bake at 425F until the skin is crisp- about 20 minutes.


I Sliced the pork in large chunks, garnished with chicharron crumble, pickled red onion, cotija cheese powder, and leaves from my aneheim chile plant.


Pickled red Onion:

1/2C rice wine vinegar

2 TBLSPN maple syrup

2 tspn salt.

Small (chipolini) red onions, sliced thinly.


Microwave vinegar, maple syrup, and salt to boil. add sliced onions to hot pickling liquid. allow to steep until mix is room temperature. be sure onions are submerged in liquid.


Cotija Powder

Cotija Cheese

Liquid Nitrogen

Freeze cheese completely by submerging in nitrogen. Blend in vitamix [while frozen] into a fine powder. store in freezer.

Biscuits 2.0

05.24.2012 Biscuits 2.0
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clip_image002I’ve got a pretty good biscuit recipe… people regularly tell me it’s one of the best biscuits they’ve ever had. It’s a classic recipe with a few twists like shredding the fat on a box grater for optimum flakiness. In the interest of continuous improvement, I thought I’d see if I could apply some newly acquired kitchen technology and knowledge to improve upon my trusty biscuit recipe… here’s what I came up with.






A glass of “brandy” for Grandpa Schultz

04.25.2012 A glass of “brandy” for Grandpa Schultz
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My grandpa is 93 years old. He drinks a glass of brandy every night. Since purchasing my rotoary evaporator, I’ve wanted to make him some brandy… here’s what happened.

A roatary evaporator (rotovap) is basically a still… as in distillation, as in moonshine. Of course, like many modern cooking apparatus, it got it’s start in laboratories. Mostly scientists use it to boil off solvents thus purifying what remains.

For much more detail on how the system works, read this. But here’s the quick nitty gritty.


04.24.2012 Alinea!
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30 days before my trip to Chicago I got extremely excited. I had scored a reservation for two at San Pellegrino’s best restaurant in North America (#7 in the world) Alinea. A meal at Alinea is one of the few things that were truly on my bucket list. I had followed just about everything that Chef Grant Achatz had done in the past few years. From his lectures at Harvard to you tube videos to reading his (auto)biography Life on the Line. I was more than excited to experience this ground breaking restaurant for myself.

What do you say about eating at Alinea that hasn’t already been said?

Suffice to say, I had high expectations for the food, service, and experience. In fact, I had concerns that. O matter how good everything was, that it might not live up to the hype I had built up in my own head.

SPOILER: I was blown away.


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The life of a chef…

03.01.2012 The life of a chef...
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clip_image002Wanna know what a chef does every week? (No you don’t!) There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into creating high quality meals for you to enjoy. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of serving two couples my first tasting menu. It was a meal that I was incredibly proud of. Here’s what went into its creation.

Months before the dinner I started brainstorming courses for the meal. I probably tossed around thirty to fourty ideas. I settled on 19. Those 19 courses had to be organized into an order that made sense and was executable…. that was quite a task.





“Korean BBQ”

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Bulgogi Short rib cooked 72hrs 57.2C, Banchan.