The Ultimate Gnocchi Recipe and Crockpot Sous Vide #BREAKTHROUGH!

04.10.2011 The Ultimate Gnocchi Recipe and Crockpot Sous Vide #BREAKTHROUGH!
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This week, I needed to make gnocchi for a project that I cannot tell you about. Do I have your interest yet? EXCITED? MOTIVATED? Good! I’ve made gnocchi before, but these gnocchi needed to be REALLY good. They needed to be STUNNING. THE most AMAZING gnocchi ANYWHERE… no pressure Alvin.

What Inspires You?

04.10.2011 What Inspires You?
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Today, I had a rare Saturday off of work… the joys of retail life. After cleaning up a major pile of dishes from last night, I visited the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market. As I walked around, tasting samples and looking at some amazing produce, I made my first purchase. One vendor had one of his candy striped beets sliced open. The concentric rings of red and white were intoxicating. I bought the $2 bundle of organic beets and went along my way. Earlier this week, my friend Jennifer suggested that I try green garlic. After searching booth after booth I found some! I bought a bundle and found some breakfast at Fusion Taco (the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had!).

Texas, meet Asia. Asia, meet Texas.

04.07.2011 Texas, meet Asia. Asia, meet Texas.
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Growing up, my family are Char Siu all the time. Funny part is I had no idea what it was called until just a few months ago, I didn’t know its proper name… Our family never looked at the package of powdered marinade that my mom would buy from the Asian grocery store… we simply called it “Pink stuff”. Chicken with pink stuff, pork with pink stuff… Sounds kinda dirty when I look back on it.

Eating LA

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Recently, I was in Los Angeles again. On my last visit to the city of angles, among other great food experiences, I had the pleasure of dining at the Bazaar by Jose Andres. This trip also had some exceptional meals. I will quickly recap them for you.

The Best Steak I’ve Ever Made.

04.03.2011 The Best Steak I've Ever Made.
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No detailed recipe tonight… I’m still getting over the meat-gasam I just had. I tried the “Sear- Sous Vide- Sear” method tonight and the results were stunning.

Brunch With Bobby and Wylie…

04.02.2011 Brunch With Bobby and Wylie...
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So, I didn’t have brunch with these two gentlemen as the post title suggests… but this is what I think Bobby Flay and Wylie Dufresne would cook for brunch if they were collaborating… That would be a brunch that I’d like an invite to! The Ingredient list left to right: Blue Corn Meal, half and half, scallions, Beef “Cowboy steak” (Rib Eye), eggs, Activa RM (aka transglutaminase, aka meat glue), jalapeƱo, huitlacoche, and butter.

Vegetarian. Bone Marrow.

04.01.2011 Vegetarian. Bone Marrow.
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Look at the title of this post… I couldn’t bring myself to put all three of those words into one sentence. Actually, thinking about it now conjures up some Soylent Green images… pretty disturbing, even for me.

You know what Wylie Dufresne says about vegetarians? “Everyone’s allowed to make really bad mistakes now and then…”