Surf & Turf-Dessert.

05.09.2011 Surf & Turf-Dessert.
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Yeah, I said it… Surf & Turf-Dessert. No, I didn’t make Salmon Ice Cream a la Iron Chef America, but this one was hard! Again, I started with a sale item: strawberries. They looked very ripe and were a safe starting point for dessert, the tough part was the “Surf” component.


05.08.2011 Welcome!
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Welcome to the ALL NEW! I’ve moved from my little old wordpress blog to a real, self hosted website! I promise this will be the last URL change:) It’s been a CRAZY week for me, let me get you caught up on what’s been going on.

Cinco De Mayo!

05.08.2011 Cinco De Mayo!
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Fiesta! Fiesta! And what’s a party without great food? So today, you get a two-fer… not one, but TWO recipes in one post.

Black Mole Drunken Chicken Enchiladas and Black Bean Soup (also with drunken chicken). Delicious, deep, dark layered with flavors. Just enough heat to warm your mouth but not make you sweat, complimented by the complex flavor-gasam that is Black Mole!


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Friends, family and readers of this blog… Many of you have supported me on a recent quest to be America’s Next MASTERCHEF… The support you have shown, some all the way back to filling out the original application and first level audition, has been incredible! I’m happy to announce that I WAS SELECTED AS ONE OF ONE HUNDRED CONTESTANTS! Earlier this year I was flown to Los Angeles and had the pleasure of cooking for Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich… Tune in Mondays and Tuesdays starting June 6th at 8pm/7central on FOX to find out what happens! Thanks for your support!

Click to read the entire press announcement, and find out who the other finalists are!

Beer Can Chicken

05.01.2011 Beer Can Chicken
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I love beer can chicken… It’s unorthodox grilling technique results in some of the most moist meat I’ve ever had. Also, I love that we get to combine steaming with grilling… two cooking methods that are almost contradictory by nature.

Here’s a simple recipe that will make you the star of any summer cookout.

Kata Robata

04.30.2011 Kata Robata
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Kata Robata. If you want to know more about Kata Robata, feel free to check out their website… But I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience at this culinary gem.

I found out about Kata Robata at the YTAC “Kiss My Grits” competition a few weeks ago. I thought the Chef’s kimchee grits were interesting (in a good way) and made a mental note to try out their restaurant which I had driven by countless times.

A week later, while traveling for business I read through the YTAC program and landed on the Bio pages of Chef Manabu Horiuchi and Chef Seth Siegel-Gardner… Let me hit you with the highlights:

Easter Eggs

04.25.2011 Easter Eggs
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I’m guessing, unless you were in Roses, Spain that you didn’t find any Easter Eggs like this in your yard today. Before we go any further, I have to give FULL credit for this idea to my friend Yi Lynne Weber. She conceptualized the entire dish, I merely executed.

Remember when “Easter Egg” referred to hidden extras on a DVD? That’s like what this dish is… for memicking, surprises, fun!