Real men MAKE quiche

03.21.2011 Real men MAKE quiche
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Real men MAKE quiche. With Bacon. In the crust… yeah, I said it: Bacon in the crust. I have been using the same Good Eats pie dough recipe for a couple of years. Of course, I made a few adjustments like using blue corn meal, and replacing the apple juice concentrate with vodka (blue corn meal and vodka are two of my favorite ingredients). But recently I started to consider the science behind the recipe that I took out of the book once a year. Why was there cornmeal in the original recipe? What role does the liquid play? And I began experimenting…

Car Bomb Cupcakes

03.19.2011 Car Bomb Cupcakes
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Car bomb cupcakes… delicious! I was thinking up dessert ideas for a St. Patty’s day party this year. Chocolate and Guinness are a natural pairing. The addition of a Bailey’s butter crème made for “Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes”.

The Science of Cookies

03.17.2011 The Science of Cookies
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“Baking is a science…” How many times have you heard that? Well it is… kind of. If you know a bit about science, you can improvise recipe with surprisingly good results. Let’s take a look at cookies. My standard cookie recipe is as follows:

The Sorcerer’s Apprentices Contest: Honoring the style of El Bulli

03.15.2011 The Sorcerer's Apprentices Contest: Honoring the style of El Bulli
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This is the dish that I made when my friend David recently told me about this contest. When I say recently, I mean like yesterday… He casually posted a link on my Facebook wall and said, “I saw this and thought of you! You should enter…” I didn’t just read this post and bang this dish out in my kitchen, there’s a bit more story behind it.

Black Mole Surf and Turf

03.13.2011 Black Mole Surf and Turf
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This recipe is no joke… I had a rare Saturday off and decided to take on an epic challenge. Twenty nine ingredients, about three and a half hours cook time (for the sauce alone!)… Have you guessed it? For the first time today, I attempted an Black Mole. Not knowing anything about moles, I turned to the Monarch Mole: Rick Bayless.  In fact, as I was headed out to buy the ingredients, I tweeted… not expecting it to be much help… but about half way through the cooking, I checked my phone to see this!

Coconut Dry Ice Sorbet

03.11.2011 Coconut Dry Ice Sorbet
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My friend Donna suggested that I post more videos. Most of the cooking I do is for myself so it’s difficult to be camera man and cook. Tonight for dessert,  I propped the camera up and recorded this video. This recipe/technique is a summer favorite… I will also be submitting it to a cookbook that my company is compiling… I hope you enjoy!


Italian Stuffed Quail

03.11.2011 Italian Stuffed Quail
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Next course!

Italian stuffed quail. I don’t even know if they have quail in Italy… I was at the grocery store uninspired today, trying to pick a protien for my dinner. I almost chose pork tenderloin until I saw the Quail. I have never cooked quail, but Dove is one of the finest birds you can cook. I’ve eaten quail a couple of times, and it was good… so I thought I’d give this new bird a shot.