Black Friday shopping

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Wonder what type of deals they have here…

Buttermilk pie:)

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Thanksgiving desert!

~Alvin Schultz

Videos of Harvard lectures available

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Khymos Blog posted a link to a recent series of Harvard lectures about “The Science of Cooking…”

Lectures from some of the greats of modernist cooking:
Lecture 1: Science and Cooking: A Dialogue. Speakers: Harold McGee, Ferran Adria (elBulli), José Andrés (minibar by josé andrés, Jaleo, The Bazaar) with commentary/moderation from Professors David Weitz and Michael Brenner (Harvard).

Lecture 2: Sous-vide Cooking: a State of Matter. Speaker: Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca).

Lecture 3: Brain Candy: How Desserts Slow the Passage of Time. Speaker: Bill Yosses (White House Pastry Chef).

Lecture 4: Olive Oil & Viscosity. Speaker: Carles Tejedor (Via Veneto).

Lecture 5: Heat, Temperature, & Chocolate. Speaker: Enric Rovira.

Lecture 6: Reinventing Food Texture & Flavor. Speaker: Grant Achatz (Alinea).

Lecture 7: Emulsions: Concept of Stabilizing Oil &Water. Speaker: Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany).

Lecture 8: Gelation. José Andrés (ThinkFoodGroup, minibar, Jaleo).

Lecture 9: Browning & Oxidations. Carme Ruscalleda (Sant Pau, Sant Pau de Tòquio).

Lecture 10: Meat Glue Mania. Wylie Dufresne (wd~50).

Lecture 11: Cultivating Flavor: A Recipe for the Recipe. Dan Barber (Blue Hill).

Lecture 12: Creative Ceilings: How We Use Errors, Failure and Physical Limitations as Catalysts for Culinary Innovation. David Chang (momofuku).

Free on iTunes!

Check it out!

Videos of Harvard lectures available.

Sous Vide Mark II

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After lots of success with my first home made immersion circulator, I found myself in need of a rebuild. I had repeated trouble using the internal relays on both the JLD612 and CD100 PID controllers. They would last between 50-200 hours, and then no longer switch the current.


Mark II was to be bigger and better, so here are the changes I made:

    Tur-duck-en stock

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    Tur-duck-en stock simmering away…
    Not pictured: Tur-duck-en parts brining before turducken assembly tomorrow night.

    ~Alvin Schultz

    Spherical Olives

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    Here’s my first successful sphereicated olives. These are in the style of El Bulli.

    …I’ve had a few other alginate successes, but recently found some documentation that will allow me to experiment much further. for now, check out the olives.

    It should be noted, that olives are created using reverse spherification. I think that in most cases reverse spherification is more useful than standard spherification.

    What do you do with them? Check out the video!

    Finalized my menu for Thanksgiving

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    Breast of Tur-duck-en: cooked Sous Vide then roasted. I’m not expecting too many people (certainly not enough to justify an entire Turducken) so I thought I’d just do the breast…a bit more elegant.


    "Canned" cranberry/pomegranent sauce: Cranberries will be cooked Sous Vide to just before they burst, then I’ll make a cranberry pomegranent jelly with ginger and vanilla and mold it all into a recycled can so it has all the ridges you’d expect.


    Fried gnocchi: Instead of mashed potatos.


    Tur-duck-en gravy: Old school, dark roux, home made turducken stock made with roasted bones and aromatics.


    Green bean Casserole topped with fried green bean casserole: the classic but instead of french’s onions, I’ll batter some fresh haricot vert with cream of mushroom and roll them in crushed frenchs onions and give them a quick bath in hot oil.


    Sausage and Sage Dressing: made with homemade blue corn bread and buscuits.


    Buttermilk pie: you haven’t lived until you’ve had it!