Italian Stuffed Quail

03.11.2011 Italian Stuffed Quail
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Next course!

Italian stuffed quail. I don’t even know if they have quail in Italy… I was at the grocery store uninspired today, trying to pick a protien for my dinner. I almost chose pork tenderloin until I saw the Quail. I have never cooked quail, but Dove is one of the finest birds you can cook. I’ve eaten quail a couple of times, and it was good… so I thought I’d give this new bird a shot.

White Lasagna

03.11.2011 White Lasagna
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This is the first in a 3 course dinner mega-chain post… The kitchen is like my sanctuary on days off… here’s what kind of trouble I can get into…

Late Fried Rice

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It was late. I just got back from visiting a friend at Howl at the Moon. After a couple of adult libations, I was hungry… I knew that there was rice leftover in the pressure cooker from the other night’s gumbo. I figured that I’d fry a couple of eggs sunny side up warm up the rice and have a late night snack, my version of "fourth meal".

Corned Beef

03.08.2011 Corned Beef
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My new friend Jeff put a post on his blog about home-making corned beef… I have decided to take this challenge on. I love corned beef and feel like it’s one of those things that I will be able to do at a higher level of quality than I can readily buy… so here goes.


03.08.2011 Gumbo
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My friend Meghan will tell you that Mardi Gras in NOT about beads and boobies… she’ll tell you that it’s about food, family and parades… What’s more mardi gras than Gumbo? I don’t know!

Most gumbo aficionados will tell you that making the iconic Louisiana stew can take days. It is a social dish, usually made in a very large pot (think turkey fryer) and shared with neighbors and friends… but I’m not cajun. I make my interpretation of “gumbo” about once a year- on a stove top… about 7-8 servings or so. Given my work schedule, I treat making gumbo the way one might prepare for a party, spreading out the cooking over a couple of days. Here’s the breakdown:

Late Night Ravioli

03.06.2011 Late Night Ravioli
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It’s a late night of drinking… who dosen’t like that? I had a great time at Red Bull Music Academy listening to Questlove of The Roots band (rumor has it Jimmy Fallon was also in the house) but he didn’t introduce himself… RUDE. Also, Houston’s own Bun B was present. Ain’t no party like a Red Bull Party:)

Kung Pao

03.05.2011 Kung Pao
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I love Kung Pao chicken. This Chinese classic was [and still is] my mom’s favorite order. I wanted to create this at home tonight, because I have not found a place in Houston that makes it as good as the local Beaverton, OR restaurant my family would order it from growing up. I took inspiration from one of my favorite chefs, Martin Yen. If you’ve never seen Chef Yen break down a chicken… click the link and buckle your seatbelt! I took a look at his Kung Pao Recipe and adapted it to match the tastes I remember from going out with my family.