Brooklyn Chocolate Stout

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Brooklyn Chocolate Stout with chocolate mochi ice cream


Banh Xeo

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Such a delish balance of flavors and textures.

rice crepe with shrimp and chicken, stuffed with bean sprouts. eaten in lettuce wraps.


My Local Grocery Store

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Just a view of my local grocery store…

Jealous much?



Let the specification begin!!!

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Rainbow Shots

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Aschultz wrote:

Rainbow Shots

Shots, Shots, Shots!


All poured from a single shaker…watch! (It’s all in the carefull layering)




1 shot grenadine

2 shots vodka

1 shot tripple sec

2 shots Jugo de Naraja

a splash of Blue Curacao on top




Pour through cocktail strainer.




El Pescador

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One of my top 5 restaraunts IN THE WORLD!!!!


Get the whole fried fish… an entire red snapper is about $13USD…enough to share, but you’ll want your own!


We visited El Pescador twice! Guess what we had the second time?



Taco Tour de Cabo San Lucas

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Taco Tour de Cabo San Lucas


So many taco stands, so little time…

These aren’t tacos….they’re burritos. But they are worth mentioning because they come from a mobile food stand outside of “El Squid Roe” where a fine gentleman has been selling tacos, burritos, and “Cabo Dogs” for 25 years…sadly the old man was taking time off lately and the food has gone down hill. On my previous three visits to cabo, this was one of my favorites…the key being “Was”:/


These are “Tacos de Pollo” from Taqueria de Venado which is located behind El Squid Roe and open 24/7…I didn’t eat these because I was stuffed from the whole fried fish from earlier (more on that later!)



These were the best Tacos Al Pastor* in town! The sign at this small stand read, “Taqueria Gran Pastor: the best tacos in town”…and they were right! They were spicy and delicious and just sightly charred from the rotisserie. Topped with a varieties of fresh salsas and toppings. They also had another hidden gem, grilled chorizo sausage, diced in a taco. Chase and I were BEGGING for a 63 degree egg to crack on top of it!


*Al Pastor: Stacked marinated pork cooked on a rotisserie, sliced like a gyro…check out this youtube link:



Back to Taqueria Venado…the last time we were there, the cook said his favorite was the shrimp taco with cheese…so we HAD to order it!



Mmmmm….grilled onions, and a plethora of fresh salsa.


If you’re Lisa, you’ll put one of these in your eye cause you are trying to eat drunk:

Last stop, last night of the trip, a small stand near squid roe for pastor (not as good as Taqueria Gran Pastor)