Late Night Ravioli

03.06.2011 Late Night Ravioli
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It’s a late night of drinking… who dosen’t like that? I had a great time at Red Bull Music Academy listening to Questlove of The Roots band (rumor has it Jimmy Fallon was also in the house) but he didn’t introduce himself… RUDE. Also, Houston’s own Bun B was present. Ain’t no party like a Red Bull Party:)

Kung Pao

03.05.2011 Kung Pao
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I love Kung Pao chicken. This Chinese classic was [and still is] my mom’s favorite order. I wanted to create this at home tonight, because I have not found a place in Houston that makes it as good as the local Beaverton, OR restaurant my family would order it from growing up. I took inspiration from one of my favorite chefs, Martin Yen. If you’ve never seen Chef Yen break down a chicken… click the link and buckle your seatbelt! I took a look at his Kung Pao Recipe and adapted it to match the tastes I remember from going out with my family.

Viva Tejas

03.03.2011 Viva Tejas
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Viva Tejas! Viva la revolution! Today is Texas Independence day… One hundred and seventy five years ago, the lone star state declared independence from the tyrannical Mexican rule. To commemorate this, I started a tradition last year of preparing a meal composed of Texas grown ingredients.

What is Dim Sum?

02.28.2011 What is Dim Sum?
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This post is for my friend Tracy Kontos… Even though I’m posting it now, I hope that she can’t read this until at least March 25th;)

We had a few discussions about ‘Dim Sum’ out in LA. Tracy hadn’t had dim sum before, I on the other hand grew up with it. The best general descriptor I can give is that dim sum is a style of eating…think Asian tapas. Usually eaten around brunch time, I believe the direct translation is “with tea”. Thank you to a blog reader for setting me straigh… “Dim Sum” translates into “to touch the heart” and is often confused with “Yum Cha” which is “With Tea” in Chinese… You sit in a large dining room and servers wheel around carts of delicious goodies- everything from steamed dumplings, to sticky rice, to chicken feet.


02.26.2011 Bazaar
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One of the best meals of my life…

Food should be interesting. It should be exciting. It should be fun. My meal at the Bazaar by Jose Andres exemplified all three of these qualities. I had been slightly infatuated with Jose Andres recently, hearing his lectures from Harvard University’s Food and Science series is truly inspiring!

Four ingredient pineapple ‘creme’ brulee

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Pineapple ‘creme’ brulee- I know what you’re thinking… No
fruit should ever come near a creme brulee. But consider that this
is not creme with cream and eggs, but ONLY pineapple juice and a
modified tapioca starch- completely uncooked, but with custard

Aeropress: A new Multitasker

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I’ve been making coffee at work for about a year using an
It’s way faster than a french press, makes cleaner coffee
(Less Grit and sediment) and is perfect for making a single
americano…I wouldn’t replace my vaccum
with one, but it’s a solid companion. Tonight i tried
another use for the aeropress: making juice. Happy to report, it
worked great! I made two juices: Jalepeno-Scallion Raw Beet I cut
up the ingredients, blitzed them in a blender with just enough
water to get them moving. Pressed them through a filter, and voila!
perfect juice. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t enough to knock out
orange juice for your family breakfast, but it’s enough for a batch
of spherified
:) I was pleasantly surprised at how well juicing
the hard, fresh, uncooked beet was. Stay tuned for shperification