PolyScience Sous Vide Tool Box

If you haven’t heard, PolyScience has a new iOS app called Sous Vide Tool Box. The app calculates cook and pasteurization times based on thermal coefficients for common proteins.

Polyscience president/founder Philip Preston walks through using the app here, and click the jump to read my thoughts/experiences using it “in real life”.

You enter the protein, rough measurements, starting temp, and desired final temp. There are settings for both metric and standard measuring formats and the settings are independent- you can use metric for temp and inches for size.


There are settings for using a DeltaT cook method or traditional low temperature cooking. The app’s built in timer not only tells you when the food is done, but tracks it’s thermal journey along the way. You can also add time at the target temp for tenderness and using an ice bath, the app will also track how long it will take to properly chill the cooked food.

Its well worth the $5 investment for your iPad and iPhone. And a great companion to your circulator.


I thought that I had cooked sous vide long enough to rely on instinct but I forced myself to use the app to test it’s accuracy. I quite enjoyed the insight it gave me, it was like having a thermal probe inside the bag during the cook process.

Over the past few weeks, I cooked some bone marrow for a gravy (I used the foie gras setting which i thought would be similar heat coefficients to marrow.

I used it to calculate time needed to bring the core of a beef roulade to 55.5C to set Activa bonds.

And used it for service where I cooked lamb chops to 56.3C en mole negro before searing over charcoal.

In all of these applications, the results were spot on. I liked that there was audible and visual alerts on your iOS device notifying you when cooking was done.


A few pieces of feedback I have for the PolyScience crew is to include more foods. I wanted to use it for creme anglaise, but couldn’t find a suitable setting.

As I’m writing this, I realized you could set a target temp of say 30C and use the app to calculate defrost times for frozen foods… pretty cool, I’ll have to try that.

So my initial presumtion was wrong- the tool box app is useful for novices and seasoned pro’s alike. and for $5 there’s no reason not to have it if your cooking with a circulator. In summary, this tool box belongs in your tool box!

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