Summer Italian Chicken… In a Circulator!

Immersion circulators and sous vide cooking are just starting to make their ways from high end restaurants into the homes of the “average” foodie. Although I’ve been fortunate to be “in the know” about sous vide cooking for a couple of years now, I was recently loaned a Sous Vide Professional from PolyScience… full review is coming but the spoiler is that it’s a dream to use. Sous vide cooking has many benefits for the home cook, from low fat cooking to huge service windows to results unavailable with traditional cooking methods.

Tonight I prepared a simple chicken roulade, stuffed with basil and hot Italian sausage, served with a classic caprese salad. Not only does this recipe capture the essence of summer but also creates very little heat in the kitchen… perfect for a hot summer!

For the Chicken

1 Whole chicken breast – boneless/skinless

1/4 Pound Hot Italian Sausage (My Buddy Derrick from MasterChef would surely grind his own… I bought mine:)

Fennel Seed

Salt/Pepper to taste

Olive oil


1/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar

Pound out the chicken breast 1/4″ thick. Season the inside of the chicken breast, and cover with a thin layer of sausage — leave about 1/3″ border from the edges. Season with pepper, fennel, and a touch of salt. Roll tightly, wrap with butcher’s twine… for how to roll chicken, look here. Sear in a hot pan with a bit of grapeseed oil, transfer to a ziplock bag add a few tablespoons of olive oil, seal using the water displacement method.


Circulate in a water bath at 155.4F/68.5C (I usually only use Celsius but I was testing the Fahrenheit function of the PolyScience Sous Vide Professional). Cook in the water bath for about an hour. Another one of the many benefits to cooking sous vide is that there is a much bigger service window. For this roulade anything from 45 minutes to 1.5hrs should produce great results.

Remove the chicken from the waterbath (and bag) and sear again in a hot pan. Allow to rest. While the chicken is resting, deglaze the pan used to sear the chicken with balsamic vinegar (not the ultra-good stuff)

For the Caprese Salad

1 Awesome tomato

3-4 1/4″ Slices of fresh mozzarella

1 sprig of basil from your herb garden… you do have an herb garden right?


Olive oil

Arrange the caprese on the plate, Slice chicken, drizzle plate with extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic sauce. Eat.


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  1. David Callomon

    Alvin, I am going to have to hit you up for a Sous Vide demonstration one day! Looks fantastic.

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