This is not a tur-duck-en recipe

topThis is not a recipe… but rather an idea. For your Thanksgiving Turkey. To save it for blandness and bordom. To elevate it’s flavors. To surprise your friends and family with the flavors of south east asia, the elusiveness of tur-duck-en.

Truth be told, I don’t like tur-duck-en. The concept of minimizing surface area of perfectly good poultry skin that would roast or fry up nice and crispy doesn’t make sense. That said, I was recently reviewing a new immersion circulator from Anova and needed a solid recipe to test the unit… with the season in mind, I turned to tur-duck-en.

Tur-duck-en is inherently flawed. The duck is traditionally in the middle due to the size of whole birds, but placing the delicate duck in the middle means that it’s overcooked before the chicken is cooked through. Also, if I eat poultry it’s preferably legs and thighs. So if I were to ever make a tur-duck-en it might look something like this…

“WIBs” in Red Bull Habanero Buffalo Sauce

clip_image002 In my early days of traveling for work, I’d often find myself at some crappy bar and grill (one of many chains that all serve the same terrible food) debating between ordering wings or ribs… about a year ago I came across an idea in the comment section of a web blog. In fact, it was this blog post… one of the BEST Blog posts of all time! The idea was to take chicken skin, wrap it around a rib, fry it, and toss in buffalo sauce.

Summer Italian Chicken… In a Circulator!

Immersion circulators and sous vide cooking are just starting to make their ways from high end restaurants into the homes of the “average” foodie. Although I’ve been fortunate to be “in the know” about sous vide cooking for a couple of years now, I was recently loaned a Sous Vide Professional from PolyScience… full review is coming but the spoiler is that it’s a dream to use. Sous vide cooking has many benefits for the home cook, from low fat cooking to huge service windows to results unavailable with traditional cooking methods.

#MasterChef Memoirs Pt.8: EPIC events leading up to the TOP 18!

clip_image002“The Pre-Egg Challenge” 2.11.11: Last season, the first cooking challenge was to create a dish featuring a single egg. There’s lots of speculation on what this year’s version will be. Potato and chicken are popular theories. On the morning of the 11th, we are taken in small groups to a “food safety” class. We arrive near the Beverley Center and the Casting PA’s walk us to a small cooking school. Sandee is there! We are cooking! It turns out that this “Food Safety” course is a impromptu “informal” cooking challenge!