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The dish that sent me home from #MasterChef… reworked.

06.22.2011 The dish that sent me home from #MasterChef... reworked.
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I’ve been in an environment that fosters innovation for the past decade. With innovation comes failure. As I’ve mentioned before, failure teaches us the most important lessons. There’s a quote from work that I’ve become quite fond of:

“If you see sombody working on something impossible, please do not disturb them…”

This dish may have been called “blood clots” and “shoe leather” by the judges, but here’s a re-worked proof of concept…

Was this executed perfectly on the show? No. Was it the most daring, bold, risky, creative dish of the day… I think so. The idea is completely “Freak Genius”… Here’s the recipe that has been put through some proper testing and development.


72 Hour Coffee Braised Short Rib

06.20.2011 72 Hour Coffee Braised Short Rib
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If, by the end of this blog post, you’re not ready to start cooking low temperature or Sous Vide then there may be no convincing you… and for that I apologize.

I was recently loaned a PolyScience Sous Vide Professional to test and review here at EatDrinkEXPERIENCE… you can watch the unboxing here. I did my first experiment preparing for my morning news segment on KRIV FOX Houston… which you can watch here. But after the dust settled from an exciting week, I decided to do some endurance testing: 72 Hour short ribs. The results were stunning!

So Much To Catch Up On…

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So an awful lot’s been going on lately… I thought I’d take a few minutes to get you loyal readers caught up on my life in and out of the kitchen. This is an EPIC post, so get into a comfy reading chair!

What Inspires You?

04.10.2011 What Inspires You?
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Today, I had a rare Saturday off of work… the joys of retail life. After cleaning up a major pile of dishes from last night, I visited the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market. As I walked around, tasting samples and looking at some amazing produce, I made my first purchase. One vendor had one of his candy striped beets sliced open. The concentric rings of red and white were intoxicating. I bought the $2 bundle of organic beets and went along my way. Earlier this week, my friend Jennifer suggested that I try green garlic. After searching booth after booth I found some! I bought a bundle and found some breakfast at Fusion Taco (the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had!).

Vegetarian. Bone Marrow.

04.01.2011 Vegetarian. Bone Marrow.
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Look at the title of this post… I couldn’t bring myself to put all three of those words into one sentence. Actually, thinking about it now conjures up some Soylent Green images… pretty disturbing, even for me.

You know what Wylie Dufresne says about vegetarians? “Everyone’s allowed to make really bad mistakes now and then…”

How far is heaven?

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When Los Lonely Boys sang the song, the answer was as simple as “SW 3rd and Oak; Portland, OR”…just about equidistant to Stumptown Coffee Roasters and VooDoo Donuts where you can enjoy a Maple Bacon Bar. You can also buy hot stumptown at VooDoo, but a hot summer day deserves a cold brew!

~Alvin Schultz