#MasterChef Recap: Moms & Noms

Tonight’s episode of MasterChef… Starts with the most sensible of team challenges. Tracy’s blue team and Giuseppe’s red team need to prepare a three course lunch for each of the judge’s moms. The teams are given an hour to prepare three servings of each course.

Tracy’s carrot soup looks beautiful, I would have picked it… If I were cooking, I might have used the caramelized carrot soup from Modernist Cuisine, but Tracy’s soup definitely looked better than the salad in my opinion. (The moms picked the salad).

#MasterChef Recap Lobsters and Truffles

WOW! How can you NOT talk about Monday night’s episode of MasterChef?! Talk about BOLD moves… The night starts off with a Mystery box… actually two mystery boxes. The traditional small one on each of the contestant’s station and a GIANT mystery box in front of the judges. In the words of Derrick Prince, the box in front of the judges is “coffin sized”.

#MasterChef Recap Ep9: Veggies and Whitney

This week my friends, the remaining MasterChef Contestants walk into the kitchen to find another mystery box challenge. Chef Ramsay warns them to be careful when lifting up this week’s box… “Careful, they bite” Chef says.

1… 2… 3… a beautiful assortment of vegetables! No protien other than eggs. The challenge is to make a stunning vegetarian dish. I was Vegan for two years. It was the biggest mistake of my life! That said I have a new found appreciation for seasonal vegetables and I really think I could have ROCKED this mystery box.