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Summer on a plate.

06.03.2012 Summer on a plate.
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Sometimes you don’t need a lot of “cooking”…

This plate looks and tastes like pure summer! Tomatoes from a local farm called Laughing Dog. Goat’s Milk Feta from Blue Heron Creamery — where the goats are fed a local beer daily. Boxwood basil (and flowers) came from my garden. Texas olive oil, black falk salt, and a touch of balsamic complete the dish. Go find some GREAT local ingredients and try this dish!

Using local ingredients reminds me of my dear friend Tracy Kontos. Chef Kontos is about to host her first pop up dinner. Too bad it’s sold out, you should have bought a ticket.

clip_image002 and eatdrinkexperience Paint the Town Red [Bull]

04.22.2011 and eatdrinkexperience Paint the Town Red [Bull]
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Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Young Texans Against Cancer “Kiss My Grits” cook off. I have to thanks my new friend Mr. Jay Ducote from for showing me some AMAZING hospitality in my own city. Kiss My Grits was hosted by Winter Street Studios in Houston and featured eleven local chefs and their innovative approach to Grits. Mr. Ducote came in from Baton Rouge, LA to be a judge for the event and invited me as his “+1” even though I forewarned him that I was not putting out.

Foodgasam- Not Your pappa’s Surf and Turf.

04.15.2011 Foodgasam- Not Your pappa's Surf and Turf.
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I wasn’t going to write a blog post tonight… I planned on cooking a simple dinner and getting some work done. A trip to the grocery store on my way home set into action a course of events that would change my plans… and possibly my life.

WARNING: What follows is graphic food porn. It’s not for the faint of heart- or vegetarians. Proceed with caution.

What Inspires You?

04.10.2011 What Inspires You?
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Today, I had a rare Saturday off of work… the joys of retail life. After cleaning up a major pile of dishes from last night, I visited the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market. As I walked around, tasting samples and looking at some amazing produce, I made my first purchase. One vendor had one of his candy striped beets sliced open. The concentric rings of red and white were intoxicating. I bought the $2 bundle of organic beets and went along my way. Earlier this week, my friend Jennifer suggested that I try green garlic. After searching booth after booth I found some! I bought a bundle and found some breakfast at Fusion Taco (the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had!).

Viva Tejas

03.03.2011 Viva Tejas
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Viva Tejas! Viva la revolution! Today is Texas Independence day… One hundred and seventy five years ago, the lone star state declared independence from the tyrannical Mexican rule. To commemorate this, I started a tradition last year of preparing a meal composed of Texas grown ingredients.

Chicken and Turnips

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This is the way I LOVE to cook! Wasn’t really planning anything for dinner, maybe even just hitting up a restaurant. Walking through the grocery store to pick up a few items for the test kitchen, I saw a HUGE pile of turnips with the greens still attached. I’d never cooked turnips these were local, fresh, and beautiful — I had to cook them!


I didn’t remember to take a pic at the store, but here’s what I brought home:


I also grabbed a chicken and a bit of bacon and got to work.


After butchering the chicken, I marinated the legs and thighs in hot sauce. Chopped and braised the greens in bacon fat and white wine. While that was going in the pressure cooker, I boiled the turnips and smashed them with butter and black pepper.


Here are the results:


12 March 2010: Dinner for some ladies

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3.12.10–Dinner for some ladies.

Spinach and Basil Salad with Spicy Candied Pecans, Grapefruit, and Grapefruit vinagrette.

Chevre and Feta Tart with Strawberry brûlée .