#MasterChef Memoirs Pt.8: EPIC events leading up to the TOP 18!

clip_image002“The Pre-Egg Challenge” 2.11.11: Last season, the first cooking challenge was to create a dish featuring a single egg. There’s lots of speculation on what this year’s version will be. Potato and chicken are popular theories. On the morning of the 11th, we are taken in small groups to a “food safety” class. We arrive near the Beverley Center and the Casting PA’s walk us to a small cooking school. Sandee is there! We are cooking! It turns out that this “Food Safety” course is a impromptu “informal” cooking challenge!


#MasterChef Memoirs Pt.7: Top 38 and the End of TV Land Day 1

WOW, what a ride… and it’s just beginning! Tonight, the last of the 38 aprons was given out. Tune in tomorrow as we compete to stay in the competition and the field gets narrowed down to just 18 home cooks! Until tomorrow night, check out my recap of the end of the signature dish round.

#MasterChef Memoirs pt.2: Arriving

Welcome to the second installment of my MasterChef Memoirs… By now, you’ve seen the OFFICIAL list of the top 100 contestants that were flown to LA to Cook for Chef Ramsay. You may have even read my post about it here at EatDrinkEXPERIENCE… A few days ago, I shared some of the details on my audition process. Now, I share with you my first hand experience leading up to cooking my signature dish for Chef Ramsay! Check back daily for more details this weekend and be sure to tune in Monday @ 8pm/7Central for the season premier of MASTERCHEF on FOX! The premier continues Tuesday at 8/7Central too… Don’t forget, you can also “LIKE” my Facebook Fan Page and follow me on twitter for live tweets during the show! #MasterChef