My EPIC meal at Modernist Cuisine


On Thursday 4 August 2011 my dinner was more modern than yours was… I attended a dinner hosted by Dr. Nathan Myrvold at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory.


I arrived (early– for fear of being late) at a very plain looking unmarked building in Bellevue, Washington. After signing in, I was escorted to a conference room with a copy of “The Book” sitting on the edge of the table. I sat and eagerly began thumbing through the pages (my first time holding a hard copy of Modernist Cuisine). After a few minutes, others started to arrive, I kept looking through the exquisitely produced volumes. A few minutes later, Dr. Myrvold walks in and introduces himself to the group… “I’m Nathan” he says. We go around the large conference table introducing ourselves. “Nathan” says, “In true geek fashion, we’re going to start dinner with a PowerPoint…”

Modernist Cuisine Review

Modernist Cuisine Trailer from Modernist Cuisine on Vimeo.

Nathan Myrvold’s Modernist Cuisine; The Art and Science of Cooking has been raved about. From it’s sheer size (2,400+ pages, 60 pound total weight, 4 pounds of ink used in printing) to vast breadth (BBQ, Espresso, Centrifuge, Liquid Nitrogen, to just scratch the surface) to it’s in depth exploration of cooking science and creation of new dishes (ultrasonic french fries, striped omlet, & rare beef jus to name a few). I am happy to report that it does in fact live up to all of the “hype” surrounding it.

So Much To Catch Up On…

So an awful lot’s been going on lately… I thought I’d take a few minutes to get you loyal readers caught up on my life in and out of the kitchen. This is an EPIC post, so get into a comfy reading chair!

Thoughts on Modernist Cuisine

First off, sorry for the lack of cooking posts this week. I’ve been away from home on an exciting project… I hope to get caught up soon with some Restaurant reviews, and dining experiences from my recent travels and hopefully a few new recipes too… next week will be a busy blogging week. In the mean time, I thought I’d share some random thoughts that I had at 30,000 feet above somewhere in Arizona… enjoy!