Thank you to YOU! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and share it with friends. I hope that you are entertained and informed by the content I write. It’s a pleasure to put it up, something of an addiction really… One of a few creative outlets in my life. This blog is really a labor of love and I hope that you continue to enjoy it!

In the future, I will also thank companies for giving/lending equipment for evaluation/promotion **cough** polyscience, kitchenaid, global knives **cough**

2 responses to “Thanks.”

  1. Beth says:

    Alvin! Love the new site! beautifully done… I am hungry reading! You are so talented and love that you are catering/classes. Congrats! Beth:)

  2. Shingo says:

    Very good website, was a great read will definitely be checking back frequently!

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