The Ginger Peach Mojito and How to Chill Your Cocktails…


Click HERE to see the recipe and more on chilling your cocktails with and without Dry Ice.

Here’s the recipe for my Ginger Peach Mojito… for more information on how to properly chill your cocktail, check out this article from cooking issues.

Ginger Peach Mojito

1 Peach, roughly chopped.

20 Mint Leaves.

1/2” Round of Ginger.

2 oz. Dark Rum.

1 tblspn Dark Brown Sugar.

6 oz Lime Sparkling Water

2 cubes Dry Ice.

Cocktail Shaker, Muddling Stick – AKA french rolling pin.


In a pint glass, add chopped fresh peach, mint leaves (spanked and torn), ginger (smashed), and brown sugar. Muddle thoroughly… mixture should have a loose slush consistency. Add the dark rum and a handful of Ice cubes (not the dry ice). Smile and shake well. Remove ice cubes and place in a red wine glass. Add dry Ice cubes, and add Lime sparking water. Enjoy!

More on why to chill your cocktails with Dry Ice:

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  1. Donna

    Even I would drink this!! Next time – we need a bar at the ranch!!

  2. You mean you’re that easy to convert Donna? You know, a stiff pour of vodka goes nicely in that lemonade I made too:)

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